Vanessa Scott

Into the Blue for Vanessa Scott


Studio photoshooting for Relish

Woman Overlay

Woman Overlay for ODD

Michela Mii

Fashion shooting SS 2017

Double Vì 2018

Photoshooting for Doublevì

Erica Marigliani

Portraits for Erica Marigliani

Double Vì FW18

Fashion Campaign FW 18

Laboratorio Toscano 2017

Still Life Shooting for Laboratorio Toscano

Letizia Dei & Chiara Saccone

Portraits for Letizia Dei (soprano) and Chiara Saccone (piano)

Homme Moderne

Homme Moderne for Daggs

Vanessa Scott

Vanessa Scott FW17

Photo Synthesis

For Pink Memories

Collezioni Uomo

Editorials for Pitti

Little girl on set

Little girl on set for Denny Rose

Vanessa Scott

Vanessa Scott FW17

Allure Baroque

Allure Baroque for Almagores

Material Girl

Material Girl for Yess Miss

Graphic District

Graphic District for Laboratorio Toscano


FW 2017/2018

Ferragamo Gioielli 2015

Ferragamo Gioielli 2015

Pitti Uomo

Photoshooting for Pitti Immagine Uomo 2016

Double Vì 2017 ADV

Photoshooting for Double Vì 2017

Vanessa Scott

Shooting Campaign FW 2017/2018

Harper Bazaar

Harper Bazaar Glamour Dreams

Collezioni Uomo

Photoshooting for Pitti Immagine Uomo 2017-18

Ferragamo Gioielli 2017

Ferragamo Gioielli 2017

Hice FW 2018

Shooting Campaign

Yess Miss London

Girl about town for Yess Miss @ London


Products campaign for Non Plvs Ultra Oleum

My Wendy

When the lights go out for My Wendy @ Florence

Yess Miss Los Angeles

The Girl Nex Door for Yess Miss @ Los Angeles

Michela Mii

Fashion shooting FW 2017

Laboratorio Toscano 2016

Still Life Shooting for Laboratorio Toscano

Grocery Shopping

Editorial for Institute Magazine

Hey Mister

Hey Mister for Gaudì


Shooting for Nomination FW 2018

Ferragamo Gioielli 2016

Ferragamo Gioielli 2016

The Bridge 2016

The Bridge Still life campaign 2016


Denim 24/7 for Gaudì Jeans

Gaudì Tropical Glam

Tropical Glam for Gaudì @ Cuba


Still Life for Nomination FW 2018

Paolo Cognetti

Shooting campaign for the album "Rinascita" by Paolo Cognetti

Cementary Pool

Cementary Pool for Moodboard Mag

Sodini Bijoux

Still life campaign for Sodini Bijoux


Dreamwalker for Pink Memories


Fashion is Mechanics for Kitte

Viola Vinca

FW 2016 campaign for Viola Vinca Shoes

Eyes like Yours

Eyes like Yours for Koe

Unlock the Bag

Still life campaign for Gianfranco Lotti

Working Woman

Working Woman campaign for Viola Vinca

Shoes Shadow

Shoes Shadow for Taccetti

Double Vì 2017

Photoshooting for Double Vì 2017

Andrea Rosati

Photoshooting for Andrea Rosati

Gianni Lupo

Shooting Campaign for Gianni Lupo FW collection 2018/2019

Michele Papadia

Shooting campaign for the pianist Michele Papadia


For Pink Memories